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Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch

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Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch

Collection of Mana brings the first three titles in the seminal Mana series to the Nintendo Switch in an all-in-one package. The collection is an essential bundle for new fans who want to play the classics for the first time and nostalgia-seekers who want to relive fond memories and high fantasy adventures on the go.


  • Experience Trials of Mana (Originally released as Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan), localized for the first time in the West
  • All 3 games now include a convenient quick save feature
  • Adventure with friends utilizing a local multiplayer mode
  • RELEASE DATE: 8/27/2019
  • UPC: 662248922553
  • LAST RETURN DATE: 8/27/2019
  • PLATFORM: Switch
  • GENRE: Action / Adventure (Video Game)
  • THEME: Nintendo
  • PUBLISHER: Square Enix
  • WEIGHT: .12 lb